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PiMag Waterfall<sup>®</sup>

PiMag® Water

PiMag Waterfall®

- Give your body some smart hydration -

Between January 1, - April 30, 2023, with every purchase of a PiMag Waterfall, Kenko Air Purifier or any Sleep Pack you’ll also receive a full size complimentary Kenzen Nutrition.

With every purchase of a PiMag Waterfall you will receive a full size Kenzen Immunity (60 Capsules #1512 / #1368 )

The PiMag Waterfall® gravity water system helps improve cellular hydration and gives you clean, filtered water on tap from this multi-stage filtration system.

The PiMag Waterfall® works in four processes: 1) Pre-filters for sediments, 2) Filters for heavy metals, 3) Mineral stones adjust pH and 4) Magnets in the tap help improve cellular absorption.

PiMag® water is unique because it contains added minerals, creating a pH range of 8.5 - 9.5. It’s alkaline, helping to maintain health by reducing any excess acidity, while the ionized water helps offset the oxidizing effect of many elements of the modern diet and environment. The decreased oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) also helps slow down cellular damage.

Warranty information: 12 months.

Made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, this filtration system is environmentally responsible and helps reduce plastic waste.

  • Improved hydration with magnetic technology

  • Minerals to adjust pH to create alkaline water

  • Unique 4-stage PiMag water filtration technology

  • Natural, gravity fed filtration – no need for electricity or plumbing

  • Fits perfectly onto your counter top