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Hello Nikken! Together we Thrive

Hello Nikken! Together we Thrive

- Ticket for Nikken Global Wellness Gathering: Hello Nikken: Together We Thrive!  October 22, 2022 -

We are very excited to welcome you to connect with the Global Wellness Community through this year’s biggest Nikken event.

Order details: Please register one (1) attendee per order, by entering their name in the ‘shipping address’; and their email address on ‘address line‘ 2.  You will have to enter each participant’s email address in order for them to be able to access this online event.

Important Note about your order: Event ticket orders are stand-alone orders - no products can be added.

Booking confirmation: You will receive a Welcome Email to acknowledge and confirm your booking.  A couple of weeks before the actual event, you will receive a second email with the access link and your personal details.  Please note that your ‘username’ will be the same as the email you booked with, and your personal ‘password’ will be assigned specifically to your email address.

The deadline to purchase event tickets is Friday October 21, at 10am PDT.

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