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KenkoTherm<sup>®</sup> Gloves

Kenko Balance

KenkoTherm® Gloves

- Keep your hands warm and your fingers nimble! -

They’re a special limited edition, available only while supplies last, so you’ll want to act quickly.

These exceptionally comfortable gloves are made with Nikken ceramic reflective fibers that help reflect heat from your own body temperature for a soothing warmth. Copper threading is added for antibacterial properties.

KenkoTherm® Gloves help ease muscular and joint discomforts of the hands, wrists and knuckles. While providing a mild compression and support for the hands, the open fingertips allow for ease in gripping and feeling.

  • Nikken ceramic reflective fiber technology

  • Antibacterial properties from copper threading

  • Helps ease muscular and joint discomforts of the hands, wrists and knuckles

  • Provides mild compression and support for the hands

  • Open fingertips allow ease in gripping

Materials: 53% cotton, 35% polyester, 7% spandex, 5% copper fabric.

Directions: Wear as ordinary gloves, with open finger above the second knuckle. Light compression fit.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Do not iron or bleach. Air dry. Do not place directly under sunlight.

Item 17096 Small 7.5 cm (2.9") width x 20 cm (7.8") length
Item 17097 Medium 8 cm (3.2") width x 21 cm( 8.25") length
Item 17098 Large 8.5 cm(3.4") width x 22 cm (8.6") length
Item 17099 X-Large 9 cm (3.6") width x 23 cm (9.1") length

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