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Humans Being More online for Customers

Self Development

Humans Being More online for Customers

- Humans Being More online workshops for NIKKEN Consultants, Registered Customers and Members of the Global Wellness Community -

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Chancellor of Nikken University, Jeff Isom, is conducting Humans Being More online workshops for Nikken Consultants and Registered Customers around the world. A combination of the best in self-development and goal-setting, HBM online helps anyone become their very best self through Active Wellness, the Five Pillars of Health, and the Nikken philosophy of Humans Being More.

  • Discover your “why” in life and choose the goals that are best for you.

  • Learn about yourself and grow as a person.

  • Manage time and prioritize tasks.

  • Gain clarity about how to create your very best life.

Each training is 4 hours, offered online, and is supported by a series of follow-up Zoom workshops. Workshops are non-refundable unless canceled by Nikken.

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